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Frangokastello : Welcome to Oasis, a place to be

Our place is located on the South coast of Crete 12 kilometers (East) from Hora Sfakion and 86 kilometres (South) of Hania. It lies on a gently shelving, fine sand beach backed by beautiful mountains. The relative remoteness of the area ensures a stunning, natural, peaceful oasis. It’s a refuge from urban, loud and crowded places. Frangokastello is definitely a different world.

Local economy is dependant on tourism, olive oil production, farming, sheep and goat herding, and fishing. The name of the village is directly related to the existing middle-age castle.

Frangokastello Greek Postal Stamp

Frangokastello Stamp

Built by the Venetians in 1371- 74, the castle’s function was to serve as a garrison to control and impose order on the Sfakia region. At the time it was necessary to suppress rebellions, to deter pirates, and to protect further Venetian development. There were many revolutions against the Venetians. Most famous uprising was “the blond haired maid”, and this took place on 18th of May 1828. Named by the Venetians as Saint Nikitas Castle, after the nearby church, Frangokastello never gave a positive impression to the Sfakians, however. Cretans contemptuously dubbed it Frangokastello, meaning the Castle of the Franks– Catholic foreigners. The name eventually stuck and was adopted by the same Franks (Venetians) as well as passing the stages as Castelfranco or Franco Castello etc. Fortress (castle) has a simple rectangular shape, a tower at each corner (four) and the Venetian coat of arms above the main gate. The constructions within the walls and the battlements were built during the Ottoman Turkish occupation. In the fields just outside the Castle there was a battle between Sfakians and Turkish forces, where Chatzimihalis Dalianis lost his life along with 385 comrades. Locals took revenge for their deaths by ambushing Mustafa Pasha and his army at the nearby Kotsifou gorge, when he was leaving. The area around the castle is full of other tales too, with the most famous one being the phenomenon of Drosulites. In May, usually at dawn, locals and other people have seen shadows of cavalry fighters who proceed into the horizon from the sea side.

Today the people of this area quietly enjoy the benefits of a rich history for such a tiny place. Oasis Apartments and Taverna is one of the small units on the Frangokastello beach. A great location, clean, solidly made, fully equipped and air-conditioned, we offer our apartments for a surprisingly low prices, even in the main season. Our philosophy, and a target generally, is a decent life of tourism and not super-fast profit or a huge business. The Restaurant- Taverna is well known in the area and further. We specialize homemade traditional cuisine based on local and natural ingredients. Sea food, vegetable, milk products or meat mainly produced by ourselves or delivered from known local sources. Just a front of the OASIS Apartments and Restaurant you have long sand beach to enjoy during the day or evening.

Frangokastello פרנגוקסטלו Φραγκοκάστελλο Castelfranco Franco Castello فرانجوكاستيلو замок франков Frango Kastello Франгокастелло Fragokastello Fragokastelo Francocastello Frangokástellon | GR


Hans Peterson22 April, 2013 at 04:30Reply

we are thinking about frangokastello this year, can you send me the prices for oasis apartments please? thanks in advance.

Zoran22 April, 2013 at 17:16Reply

Hi Hans, nice you are about Frangokastello. I sent you the Oasis apartments prices. The prices will be published here too. Regards.

mitzner27 April, 2013 at 03:24Reply

We just arrived back home. Oasis is still in our minds. We must live with that till next year. We will come back, Thank you very much for all attention and good service. Cheers! Frederick and Olga.

Eva1 May, 2013 at 10:11Reply

Where can we find more comprehensive information about Frangokastello, Wikipedia article is very short, is there a Greek website I could translate using Google or what? Thank you.

Zoran11 May, 2013 at 03:02Reply

There is no wider information about Frangokastello on any Greek website then what you can find on English based websites., at least as far as I know. Try a bit here and a bit there but have in your mind that this place is relative small and it’s all around it’s beach and Venetian castle and that’s why usual web information goes thus far. Greek literature would be other option and story but that’s out of subject at this point. Regards.

winette17 May, 2013 at 02:10Reply

There are no rooms in Frangokastello? Are you renting ordinary rooms? I do not really need cuisine or fridge because I am single. Do you have single rooms at Oasis?

Zoran21 May, 2013 at 02:26Reply

Winette, there are studios, villas, apartments, houses and rooms at Frangokastello. Oasis is all about apartments but you could always take smaller apartment which costs 20, 35, 45 or 55 euros in lowest, low, mid or high season. Having in mind that you are single it would be highly recommended to contact Giannis trough this site and ask for reasonable discount if possible and availability. Oasis apartments have such a fair pricing policy that it doesn’t really matter if you have “fridge you don’t need” or cuisine aside. Feel free to contact Giannis, please.

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