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Frangokastello Weather | Weather- Frangokastello, Sfakia, Crete.

Frangokastello, Cretechora sfakion, creteanopoli creteaskifou, cretekhania, creterethymno, creteheraklion, crete

Frangokastello weather forecasting model will deliver accurate weather information for any geo-point in the world. Predefined places at Frangokastello weather window could be selected using arrows left or right. Bottom slider is showing up 3 days forecast data while putting your mouse in upper part of the weather screen will expand search bar for checking up weather virtually anywhere on the planet. Hope you’ll enjoy this and have fun with it.

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6th year in Frangokastello26 April, 2013 at 01:49Reply

Absolutely awesome tool :) I bookmarked it soon as I checked entire planet Earth in 2 minutes, Frangokastello, Hania, Athens, Rome, Berlin.., New York, Toronto, Minsk, Beijing.., Tripoli, Baghdad and so on.. :) What service is that and who’s data provider?! michaelC

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