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Frangokastello, is located at the southwest part of the island of Crete, 12 kilometers from Sfakia town.

Frangokastello is a small seaside village, known for its Venetian castle that is preserved in a very good condition.

The castle is famous for the battle that was conducted on the 18th of May 1828 during the war of the Cretans against the Ottomans, where the army of Mustafa Pasa  was collided with the army of the Greek chieftain Chatzimichalis Dalianis.

Frangokastello is also known for its beautiful and virgin beaches, its tasty and pure local food and the Drosulites, ghosts that appear at the castle area every early May just before the sunrize. The legent says that those ghosts are the souls of the Cretans that died at the Frangokastello battle in 1828.

Behind the village you can see the high White Mountains with the gorge and the plateau of Kallicratis village.

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